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100Mbit Network troubles LS1021a

Question asked by Matthias Scheifinger on Mar 4, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2020 by Pavel Chubakov


we are using the LS1021a with yocto linux. We were using the 3.12 rt kernel which worked fine but now want to upgrade to the 4.14 rt Kernel.

With the new Kernel i have troubles.


When i connect one of the SGMII Ethernet Ports to a 100MBit Network and restart the interface with ifdown / ifup i get the following Error Message:

   803x_aneg_done: SGMII link is not ok


This means the autoneg on SGMII won't finish and thus the link is not up.

I can come clean from this state if i use ethtool and set autoneg off and on again

I can also solve this error by reverting the at803x driver to the state from the 3.12 kernel.


But then i get the next Problem, also only if i'm connected to a 100Mbit Network. If i ifdown and ifup now the interface sometimes it is broken. That means it looks like the link is up but no Packets were transmitted or received (also the driver says he transmittes some packets). If i do the ifdown ifup again most times the interface is working again.


Has anyone some suggestions how i can find and solve this issue?


Kind Regards