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i.MX6ULL booting and flashing issue

Question asked by Ranjith Kumar on Mar 3, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2020 by Joan Xie



We are using i.MX6ULL processor in one of our project and we run into the following problems.


1. We made the boot mode switch for Serial Download mode (BOOT_MODE[1:0] - 01). We are using uuu tool to flash the eMMC and SD card connected to the board. Whatever the parameter we are giving in the uuu tool (sd_all or emmc_all) the image is getting flashed in the eMMC only. This we confirmed using the console logs we got while the board is getting flashed which is showing as "sparse flash target is mmc:1" for both sd_all and emmc_all and by probing the clock of eMMC. In both the cases the uuu tool is showing success and the console log also shows like "Writing  'bootloader' DONE!". How to flash the SD card using uuu tool?


2. We made the boot mode switch for Internal Boot mode (BOOT_MODE[1:0] - 10). In this case when we try to flash eMMC using uuu tool, the image is getting flashed. Is this expected behavior?


3. When we try to boot the board from eMMC / SD card the board is not getting booted up. We made the boot switch BOOT_MODE[1:0] -10, boot_config as 0010 for SD card and 0110 for eMMC. We tried in both uSDHC1 and uSDHC2 but the board is not getting booted up in both the cases.How to make the board to boot from SD card / eMMC?


4. We configured eMMC for 8-bit mode but while flashing when we probed the eMMC we found that the eMMC is working in 4-bit mode. Is this expected behavior?