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Adding SD Functionality in host_msd_fatfs_freertos

Question asked by Charles Lin on Mar 3, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2020 by Daniel Chen



I am testing some functionalities on FDRM - K66 board. Currently, I would like to add SDDISK to the existing "Host_msd_fatfs_freertos" example, which is only working for the USB stick originally. 


I want to add the codes to test the speed that SD card can read/write data from USB stick. The codes I modified are in the function USB_HostMsdFatfsThroughputTest(..). Why it gives me error when I tried to use f_mount(&fatfs, test_file_name1, 1) with sprintf(test_file_name1, "%c:", SDDISK + '0');. If I change the last parameter of f_mount from 1 to 0, it works. Does it only allow one DISK mounting to FATFS each time?


If I changed the last parameter from 1 to 0, then it failed when I tried to use f_unlink() or f_open() for the SD card, they all return error code.


Any suggestions or documents I can read through?