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B101UAN01.7 MIPI DSI panel support in iMX8M

Question asked by Antony Abee Prakash on Mar 3, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2020 by Bruno Chen

We are trying to bring up B101UAN01 MIPI DSI panel(1920x1200) on our custom imx8mq board with linux BSP kernel- 41.14.78

We have created the device tee and added the panel timings in panel-simple.c driver for B101UAN01 DSI panel. We are using panel-simple.c, as B101UAN01 panel does not have any init sequence and manufacturer command sets in their datasheet.

We could able to get the back light. Frame buffer fb0 is created, driver is registered. We have changed the resolution to 1920x1080 from 1920x1200(actual panel resolution) as MIPI DSI will support upto 1080p resolution. Also reduced the clock frequency to 148000 khz from 154500 khz.


But there is no display on screen. Attached our dts and panel-simple.c files for your reference.


Please tell us whether we are going in correct path. Please provide inputs on this.


Also we would like to clarify another one query here.

What is the clock frequency range for lcdif source ?