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Sequence Error with FTM-PDB-ADC Triggering

Question asked by BJ RAJENDRANATH on Mar 2, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2020 by Petr Stancik

Hello all,


I'm using S32K146 device and I would like to use 16 ADC0 Channels to be sensed using PDB0 Triggering. Thus I provide the delays as follows. I'm using FTM so as to trigger the PDB Channels. 


PDB0->CH[0].DLY[0] = 100; 
PDB0->CH[0].DLY[1] = 200; 
PDB0->CH[0].DLY[2] = 300; 
PDB0->CH[0].DLY[3] = 340; 
PDB0->CH[0].DLY[4] = 500; 
PDB0->CH[0].DLY[5] = 600; 
PDB0->CH[0].DLY[6] = 700; 
PDB0->CH[0].DLY[7] = 800; 


I need to raise an interrupt after 6 ADC sense (6th pre-trigger), but I'm getting a sequence error in this process.


I had the below questions.


1. Do we need to read the ADC Channels (0-7) after every Conversion so as to enable to COCO Flag again? as it mentioned in RM below. 


2. What is the minimum delay time between two pre-triggers?


Kindly help in this regard.


Thanks in advance,