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Problem using flexcan_mpc5748g exemple with SDK 3.0.2

Question asked by Xav Bar on Mar 2, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2020 by Xav Bar


I am currently working on the MPC5748G for my internship. I decided to try the highest SDK version (3.0.2) on this microcontroller.

I ran the flexcan_mpc5748g exemple proposed from S32DS Power.2.1. I followed the "How to run" section (from S32SDK user manual) to set-up the project and build it (with Processor expert).

Flash and debug is performed thanks to the iSystem IC5000 probe.

While debugging the program, everything works perfectly until initialising the flexcan driver. The program is stuck during the FLEXCAN_Enable function (Line 438 of flexcan_hardware_access.c) and more precisely on the while loop (Line 448 flexcan_hardware_access.c) waiting the flexcan to be enabled.

I have this problem on other programs using SDK 3.0.2 but everything works fine with SDK 0.8.1 while initialising the flexcan device.


Do you have any clue or tricks that could help me bypass this issue ?


Thank you in advance for any given answer.


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