James Kimble

M5485EVB Running Linux 2.6.25, JFFS2 file system size

Discussion created by James Kimble on Apr 3, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2009 by James Kimble

I have been running with the old 2.6.10 kernel and file system in flash and that never created a file system larger than 24MB (16MB when I cleaned it up). I've worked through a lot of issues on the new 2.6.25 kernel and am ready to distribute it and I find that it's creating a JFFS2 file system that's 114MB!! Where's all that coming from?


I also just realized no compressed kernel like 2.6.10. I know I can work this out (hopefully find the space hogs in the file system) but this was one part of 2.6.10 that seemed to work pretty well. What happened? Am I missing something in the build that allows you to compress/optimize the file system for size? I've got 64MB of flash but I thought that was way overkill....


Any help/suggestions appreciated.