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How to add a driver in lsdk1909

Question asked by Kai Wu on Mar 2, 2020
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I am going to add a driver in lsdk1909 linux reporostory(under this directory   .../flexbuild_lsdk1909_update_221019_5.2-rc3/packages/linux/linux/drivers). I put the driver folder under a specific folder already, I modified the corresponding Kconfig and Makefile, use configuration fragments to enable this module already. 

When I compiled this kernel,  the driver is compiled successfully, I can see the ko file, I installed it onto the target board, But when I tried to modprobe the driver, there is no response at all and the return value is 0. I tried to rmmod it and morprobe it again, same, no response and output. I added the printk debug information in to the driver source code and recompiled it. I got the same result, the printk info is not printed at al.    

It seems that the driver is not loaded at all. Do I need to do extra steps to add the driver for lsdk1909??


Thank you