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Looking for demo code for Symphony Soundbite ?

Question asked by MICHAEL KIRK on Feb 29, 2020

The Archived website for the Symphony Soundbite (DSP56371) board is missing the demo code.   

This code is not on the CDROM that was shipped with the Soundbite kit.


Is there anyplace where I can find a ZIP file of this source demo code?

Below is a list of the 9 files from the existing documentation (PDF) that I found in a web search.





main.asm - startup code and main test code

process_samples.asm - audio processing routine; includes a processing enable/disable flag

sb_codecs.asm - enables communication between DSP and audio codec

sb_isr_esais.asm  - Interrrupt service routines, actual audio processing between codec and memory.

sb_leds.asm  - Enable LED r/w, reads and sets LED states

sb_switches  - Enable switch GPIO and read sstates

sb_eeprogram.asm  - EEPROMprogramming routines to allow Soundbite to self boot.

soundbite_macros.equ  - Contains macros for reading and writing to/from switches and LEDs

soundbite.equ -  equates for SB