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I am looking for a very low power LPC Microcontroller

Question asked by Doinita Marcu on Feb 27, 2020
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I am used to work with the microcontrollers from the LPC family (Cortex M) and now I need a very low power LPC microcontroller to work on battery which need to last long, maybe half of year (of course I'll use some of its peripherals also, like timers, ADC,...). In the same time the microcontroller needs to have a big processing power, because during running at some intervals of time I need to manipulate a lot of data at once. 

I was thinking of the LPC 54102 microcontroller for low power consumption and to use Cortex M4 with the main program and Cortex M0 only when needed, in order to save power.


Would you like to recommend the best LPC very low power microcontroller which could help me with processing also?

I would appreciate any answer.


Thank you,