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MC33PT2000 use issues(2020079)

Question asked by Young fly on Feb 27, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2020 by Young fly

I am currently using this chip. For the half-bridge in the same bank, should the gate signals of his high-side boost mos and 24v mos be inverted? However, the two G-pole driving waveforms measured here are in the same phase.

I am using the peak hold mode of pt2000. I think we should use the boost voltage, which is the mos on the left, to turn on during the peak current phase. Then when the current is maintained, it is powered by 24V mos, that is, the mos on the right is turned on.

Looking forward to your support.

我目前正在使用该芯片。 对于同一排中的半桥,他的高端升压mos和24v mos的栅极信号是否应该反转? 但是,此处测量的两个G极驱动波形处于同一相位。

我是用的是pt2000的 peak hold 模式,我认为在电流的峰值阶段时,我们应该用Boost的电压,也就是左侧的mos打开。然后当电流保持阶段的时候用24V的mos供电,也就是右侧的mos打开。




 fig.1 half bridge


G-pole driving waveforms

 fig.2  G wave 



 fig.3  MC33PT2000