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Broken USB-ML-12E "BDM debugger for HC(S)08"

Discussion created by Davide Munari on Apr 3, 2009
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Hello everyone,
I hope somebody will kindly help me.

I was using a USB-ML-12E debugger. This one:

Unfortunatly, my shame, I badly connected my target board and so 24Volts (with some Amperes) have entered in the Vdd pin on the USB-ML-12E connector.

I repaired my target board (made the correct connections), but USB-ML-12E is broken

Now it doesn't work anymore, and the yellow led is always off.

Knowing the cause of the failure, is there any way to repair the debugger ?

Maybea single diode or zenere blew up.


Isn't there a schematic of the board so that I can check what got damaged with knowledge?

If the big microcontroller didn't blow up, I think it is possible to repair it.

Any suggestions ?
Thank you a lot.