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I need optee_os support for Maaxboard in yocto project, any help?

Question asked by peter zhang on Feb 27, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2020 by peter zhang

I have successful built yocto project image with the maaxboard company's kernel and u-boot code at here:



it seems imx original  imx8mqevk board yocto project support optee_os.

why my yocto image and maaxboard company's yocto image with shipment do NOT support optee_os?

do you know what different between original  imx8mqevk  u-boot code and maaxboard company's uboot code ? or something else differences?

I am trying to find the differences.

can you give me some ideas about it  I checked the linux kernel  optee config, it's chosen by kernel config. the issue is not in kernel.



I posted my yocto project tar file  at here for your reference:


I also asked here:…