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Andorid not update screen data to new framebuffer

Question asked by Mark Yang on Feb 26, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2020 by Diego Adrian Cuevas


   Our platform is IMX8MM EVK , we use IMX8MM ECSPI2 to connect EPSON S1D13C00 (SPI) IC with MIP panel (memory in pixel panel).

  We remove imx8mm default  DSI-2-HDMI(adv7511) , and remove default DSI panel ( m67191 ) dtsi setting to remove default framebuffer ,and implement new SPI driver , and register_framebuffer new fb0 under linux (/dev/graphics/fb0).


until now, we have /dev/graphics/fb0. But when imx8mm evk boot into Android Screen , the data of /dev/graphics/fb0 always not change. It mean Android did not update screen data into our new /dev/graphics/fb0 .


Could NXP provide some advise how to make Android update screen data into our new /dev/graphics/fb0  ?


---Our platform environment--


.Android P(9) code base -Android p9.0.0_2.3.1 


.MIP panel



.attach our logcat , and s1d13c00 driver ,, dtsi files.


Mark Yang