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LS1043A QSPI interafce

Question asked by Julien Cavallo on Feb 27, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2020 by Pavel Chubakov

Dear Sir,


I developp a custom board with the LS1043A processor.

I would like to used the LS1043A processor with a QSPI memory for boot device.


I would like to put in write protect mode the QSPI memory by pulling-down the QSPI_A_DATA2 pin of the processor. The signal  QSPI_A_DATA2 of the processor is connected to the input/output DQ2/W_N pin of the QSPI memory.


Can I juste put a jumpper to force the QSPI_A_DATA2 pin to 0V to force the write protect of the QSPI memory ?


The output buffer of the QSPI_A_DATA2 pin of the processor it is a IO buffer with open drain output ? If yes a simple jumper with a pull-up resistor to OVDD can do the job.


It is important for us to write protect the memory by hardware, not by software. 


Thank is you in advance for your reply.


Best regards