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Should the Can interrupt need disabled in FLEXCAN_DRV_AbortTransfer?

Question asked by 何纯 陈 on Feb 26, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2020 by 何纯 陈

Dear support team:


    When we use FLEXCAN_DRV_AbortTransfer to abort the CAN message transmission, our routine is stuck in the while loop.



   The description of abort process in RM is showed below:

   It means an interrupt is generated when ABORT code is write to register. 

   Does it means that a interrupt is generated after calling  FLEXCAN_AbortTxMsgBuff? If so, the interrupt routine will be processed, and the IFlag will be cleared in the interrupt, the code will stuck in the while loop.

    Please help me confirm the solution.


SDK version: RTM3.0.0


Best regards!