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I.MX8M MINI Power Up Sequence

Question asked by Sameer Pitre on Feb 27, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2020 by Rita Wang



I have query regarding i.MX8 M MINI power ups sequence. If you look at the power up sequence timing, 

1. The minimum timing mentioned is '0' . Does that mean all supplies can come at once ?

2. Does RTC clock and RTC_RESET_B are must for serial download mode ? 


I have another query which is related to serial download mode using USB. I am using USB1 as device only. I am not using USB_ID pin. This should not create any issue for serial download mode, right ? Second question is regarding USB_VBUS. According to i.MX8 datasheet, it should be 3.3V max. But if you see the NXP i. MX 8M MINI EVK board, it is at 5V level ( comparator  is used to generate this voltage ). Need some clarification on this.