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MIPI Display to IMX8 MQ

Discussion created by kishore poojari on Feb 26, 2020
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Dear All,

We have connected MIPI display to imx8 MQ, We are concern like panel information along with display-timing parameter shall be defined in in dts file. whether panel and display parameter shall be defined in mipi_dsi node or mipi_dsi_bridge node.


MIPI display runs on frequency 77.94 MHZ, Is it possible to provide the clock in the Kernel version (4.14.98-gb6ce727-dirty)?


If we connect MIPI display to imx8 MQ via MIPI interface what is need to mipi_dsi_bridge node?


dcss -> mipi_dsi -> mipi_dsi_bridge (define display-timings parameter)?



Kishore P