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C23000: Argument(s) too complex for function pointer call

Question asked by Renee Cousins on Apr 2, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2009 by Daniel Lundin

I have NEVER seen this error and haven't a clue how to fix it at the moment. I was writting a simple multithreading core for our RS08-based board, and it suddenly started throwing this error. I've tried simple things like rebooting, etc, to no avail.


In threading.h

typedef struct {  unsigned short lc;               // current line of the thread  unsigned char rc;                // return condition  char (*fn)(struct __thread *pt); // pointer to the function} __thread;

Then in main.c


extern char ISR_RTI(__thread *pt);//...static __thread thread[] = {  { 0, 0, ISR_RTI },  // real-timer interrupt handler
  //...};void main(void) {  static unsigned char current_thread;  //...  thread[current_thread].rc = thread[current_thread].fn(&thread[current_thread]);}

Red indicates the line the error happens on. 



The funny thing is that it was compiling at one point. I know I changed something and lost track of what I changed and can't seem to get it back into a working state. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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