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Power Consumption ratings in i.MX8M Datasheet

Question asked by arnemaathuis on Feb 26, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2020 by gusarambula


In paragraph 3.1.5 of the i.MX8M Nano Datasheet (IMX8NCEC) maximum supply currents of the device are mentioned.

However, no information is given on which device(Single, Dual or Quad Core, Lite) these currents are measured.


Can i assume that the ratings for e.g.the VDD_ARM rail of the QuadLite differ from the ratings of the DualLite?


Is there any information available on power consumption for each individual variant? Im very interested in the ratings for the i.MX 8M Nano DualLite(MIMX8MN3DVTJZAA), for which i am currently designing a board for.


Regard Arne Maathuis, Sintecs, NL