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LWIP and heap

Question asked by Mike Spenard on Feb 25, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2020 by Victor Jimenez

Hi Gents,

iMXRT1062 user. And I'm looking to move LWIP's heap to external ram to save on DTC, as indicated in LWIP's mem.c:


/** If you want to relocate the heap to external memory, simply define
* LWIP_RAM_HEAP_POINTER as a void-pointer to that location.
* If so, make sure the memory at that location is big enough (see below on
* how that space is calculated). */
/** the heap. we need one struct mem at the end and some room for alignment */
#define LWIP_RAM_HEAP_POINTER ram_heap


I want to make sure I do this correctly. My heap is at RAM4 with "End" location. Has anyone been down this road? What exactly do I need to #define ?