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Extracting ResetISR address from bin file

Question asked by Jeffery Thompson on Feb 25, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2020 by Mark Butcher

I'm working with the MIMXRT1062, MCUXpresso IDE 11.1.0, and MXUXpresso SDK 2.6.2. My code is running out of external flash located at 0x600000000. I see that .text starts at 0x60002000 with g_pfnVectors (a.k.a. __Vectors), so the ResetISR address must be located at 0x60002004. From the .map filer, ResetISR is located at 0x6000231c, but using the memory browser, 0x60002004 contains 0x6000231d. This doesn't make sense to me because 0x6000231d is an odd address and off by 1 from the address of ResetISR. How do I correctly ascertain the ResetISR from the .bin file? I want to download a .bin file and run it, not as the boot image, but as a separate application image.