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Enable/disable Egress timestamping and VLAN on specific port

Question asked by Sameer W on Feb 25, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2020 by bpe

We are working on the switch driver development for NXP SJA1105S chip.

We are referring UM11040 user manual for SJA1105S.

 It would be helpful if anyone can help us in resolving following queries :-


  1. How to enable Egress timestamping on specific port of switch ?
    As per user manual UM11040 section PTP Egress Timestamping, we can read timestamp values. But is there any register/table which can be used to enable timestamping.
  2. How to enable or disable a pre-configured VLAN on specific port of switch ?

 As per user manual UM11040 Table 3 entry, VLAN Lookup table – by default VLAN 0 is enabled. Is there any     register/table that can be modified to enable/disable VLAN for specific port.

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