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Debugger EEPROM-Read S12ZVML128

Question asked by Axel Hubner on Feb 24, 2020
Latest reply on May 21, 2020 by lama



we are using PE-Micro Multilink Universal for Debugging in our development.

When we read the EEPROM in the memory-view in Codewarrior the first 72 bytes of the EERPOM will be returned as zero even when data is written into the memory area.


When we use the Onboard-Debugger of the S12ZVML12EVBLIN Eval-Board the EEPROM is returned correctly. For tests we use the BDM interface of the EVAL-Board and connect with a Multilink Universal Debugger and wrong data is read (0x00).


The Bus-clock is configured to 50 Mhz, the FCLKDIV to 0x31.


Are there any known bugs or special debugger settings necessary to read the EEPROM?