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Can DEVKIT-MOTORGD drive a external high voltage IGBT?

Question asked by edson kiyohara on Feb 21, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2020 by edson kiyohara

Hi, I am searching for a solution to replace the MCU(motor controller unit) the inverter board of Whirlpool washing machine. This washing machine uses a direct drive motor, a PMSM type, sensorless,   3 phase, 7 poles, 1kW .

So far, I found on NXP products guide the MC56F8013/23/25 controller board, linked to a  Three-phase AC/BLDC high-voltage power stage board, and FreeMaster software to support development  program. This kit looks perfect for my project, except it is relatively expensive board, and it is not available for sale anymore.

Thus, I searched for alternative development board and I figured out the low cost DEVKIT-MOTORGD plus the DEVKIT-MPC5744P, a solution for motor control.

The DEVKIT-MOTORGD has a built in IGBT to drive low voltage and low current PMSM, and I wonder to know if I can connect and external IGBT rated for 10 amps and 200 Vdc, to drive the washing machine motor?

There are several connectors (arduino compatible) named J1 and J4, in which there are connections to the PWM drivers PWMA_HS, PWMA_LS, PWMB_HS, PWMB_LS,PWMC_HS, PWMC_LS, as well as input signal for A/D to measure current and voltage feeding the PMSM.

I drawn the circuit to connect an external IGBT to the DEVKIT-MOTORGD, as in attached file, I would like to know from expert advisor, if this project is feasible, if not, could list alternative boards to use in my project?DEVKIT-MOTORGD Pin out to Hight Voltage IGBTDirect Drive Motor - rotorDirect Drive Motor - stator