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Looking for a minimalist approach to programming through serial downloader...

Question asked by Ed Sutter on Feb 21, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2020 by Sabina Bruce

I'm working on my first imxRT system (imxRT1020-EVK right now), just trying to understand how to program a "bare" board; ultimately for use on my custom hardware. My goal is to just use the ROM based serial downloader over USB, so I started playing with imx_usb_loader tool from Boundary Devices.  Using that I was able to read/write OCRAM, push a character out the LPUART1 interface, etc... Just enough to know that the interface does work.


The next step would be to actually push a bootable image to the SPI flash on board; but that gets a bit more complicated.  Has anyone used that tool for iMXRT systems?  If yes, any tips?  If no, what is the common approach for doing this?


Seems I can also use MCUXpresso or MfgTool, but I'd prefer to stick with a command line interface if possible.