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HDMI-to-VGA Issue - iMX6 Custom Board

Question asked by Benedick Montales on Feb 21, 2020
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We're having a problem with our custom board (iMX6) that has an HDMI port, with connected HDMI-to-VGA converter. We've already tried it with "TRUE" HDMI and it's working fine. But with the converter we have, its not working. I already tried all the fixes regarding with this issue and nothing worked.


The problem I see is that, when connecting the converter to the laptop with HDMI port, and probing the HDMI clock, the voltage is approx. 5V. But when connecting it to our board, it drops at about approx. 2.3V with a resolution of 1024x768. Is it okay to have a voltage drop when connecting the converter? if not, can you provide a solution or hint on what to be modified on the driver to make it worked? BTW, the chip that is embedded on the converter is CM6616E.


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