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How to transmit continous data from FRDM-KW41ZMCU to ble device (NXP IOT toolbox is app)?

Question asked by Pooja Vernekar on Feb 21, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2020 by Mario Ignacio Castaneda Lopez


I am trying to transmit a "Hello\n" message from FRDM-KW41Z MCU to NXP IOT Toolbox (wireless uart).

But i am not able to receive any message.

I am using demo example - "BLE-wireless uart" ,

wireless uart example program is working fine but i want to transmit data from MCU to NXP IOT Toolbox(wireless uart ) application. Without typing any message into the terminal or Serial terminal i should be able to recieve message on NXP iot toolbox application.


This is what i have made changes to function.


static void BleApp_FlushUartStream(void *pParam)
char *pMsg = "hello\n";
uint16_t bytesRead = 0;

if (mPeerInformation.appState != mAppRunning_c)

/* Allocate buffer for GATT Write */
*pMsg = MEM_BufferAlloc(mAppUartBufferSize);
if (*pMsg == NULL)

/* Collect the data from the serial manager buffer */
if ( Serial_Read( gAppSerMgrIf, *pMsg, mAppUartBufferSize, &bytesRead) == gSerial_Success_c )
if (bytesRead != 0)
/* Send data over the air */
BleApp_SendUartStream(mPeerInformation.deviceId, *pMsg, bytesRead);
/* Free Buffer */


please suggest if any changes to be made to any other functions of the program.