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Avoiding using the IOMUX?

Question asked by Mike Moretti on Feb 20, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2020 by Mike Moretti

According to the I.MX RT1060 Reference Manual, section 10.3:


The IOMUX consists of a number (about the number of pads in the SoC) of basic
iomux_cell units. If only one functional mode is required for a specific pad, there is no
need for IOMUX and the signals can be connected directly from the module to the I/O.
The IOMUX cell is required whenever two or more functional modes are required for a
specific pad or when one functional mode and the one test mode are required.


Note the bold section I highlighted.  Every example I've ever seen uses the IOMUX.  How do you connect a signal directly without the IOMUX?  I don't ever plan to use pads for multiple functions or for test and function at the same time.