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How to setup debugging environment for image running in board?

Question asked by Amer Naseem on Feb 20, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2020 by igorpadykov

I'm working with NXP iMX8QXPMEK evaluation board.  I downloaded bsp release L4.19.35_1.1.0_MX8QXP from following site:
This bsp release is for Yocto Project 2.7 (Warrior)
I built yocto project for this bsp release.  I copied built image into sd card and then booted NXP board from sd card.  I need to step through USB Host Subsystem source code running in embedded linux kernel? 
There is a serial connection between my NXP evaluation board and my PC.  Micro-USB Debug port in NXP board is connected to USB port in my PC.  How do I setup debugging environment so I can see source code and symbols
running in my NXP board?