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irda on i.MX 6ULL

Question asked by on Feb 19, 2020
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I am trying to get irda SIR to work on my i.mx6ull based SoM.  I would like to use the IRCOMM driver within linux to access devices using a UART, but the ircomm1 and ircomm2 devices hang the system when I write to them.


I have enabled the related settings in the kernel config file.





I also verified that the .dts file has the "fsl,irda-mode" string within the desired uart section.


&uart2 {

           pinctrl-names = "default";

           pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_uart2>;



           status = "okay";



After these steps I am able to see ircomm* devices in /dev/tty, so the kernel has been correctly modified. 



I also enabled raw writes on the device using stty.  (uart2 is mapped to ttymxc1 on this SoM)


stty -F /dev/ircomm1 raw -echo -echoe -echok
stty -F /dev/ircomm1 115200

Sadly the command to write to the ircomm port still hangs.


echo hello > /dev/ircomm1


In the past I have manually set the processor registers using imx-test/memtool, and this forces the standard ttymxc1 port to operate as an irda port.


/unit_tests/memtool CCM.CCGR0.CG14=1    #uart2 clock enable
/unit_tests/memtool UART2.UCR1.IREN=1   #uart2 irda enable


But I would like to avoid having to use imx-test->memtool because imx-test is difficult to incorporate using buildroot.  If I must use Yocto to get Irda to work then I will, but I'd rather not because the build times are substantial.


Do I need to enable hardware handling with irda-utils -> irattach?
Is there a different tool supported in buildroot which can adjust the processor memory?


Any suggestions are appreciated.