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P1010 SGMII Serdes problem

Question asked by 克祥 黄 on Feb 20, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2020 by ufedor

When our company uses the sgmii SerDes interface of Freescale p1010 platform, the level amplitude of the differential chip output by p1010 is relatively low, and the quality of the differential eye chart is not ideal. We want to adjust the differential level of the output through the registers corresponding to the interface.


At present, according to the software, the default value is equal setting: 1.5x;

We need to adjust to equality setting: 1.09x; for test and verification, but after the software is configured to the parameter value of 1.09x, sgmii SerDes has no output!



1. Can't these parameters be adjusted?

2. As a matter of fact, p1010 related documents have corresponding descriptions, which should be adjustable. Would you like to know if special processing methods are needed.


Thank you.