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Range issue in Zigbee

Question asked by Hariprasad Anumala on Feb 19, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2020 by Sebastián Del Río

We are evaluating range problem in of our zigbee products 

For setting the Transmit Power we are using the below API and for enabling external PA we are configuring the below GPIOs


    vInitialiseApp ();


    // Set Power to 4dBm

    eAppApiPlmeSet(PHY_PIB_ATTR_TX_POWER, 4);


    /* Initialise output PA */

       GPIO_PinInit(GPIO, APP_BOARD_TEST_GPIO_PORT, 0, &pa_config);

       GPIO_PinInit(GPIO, APP_BOARD_TEST_GPIO_PORT, 4, &pa_config);


       GPIO_WritePinOutput(GPIO, APP_BOARD_TEST_GPIO_PORT, 0, 0);

       GPIO_WritePinOutput(GPIO, APP_BOARD_TEST_GPIO_PORT, 4, 1);


But we are not seeing any range improvement with the above configuration.


Are we missing any other settings /API invocations  ? 

Please clarify