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S32G Boot From External NVM

Question asked by vinod bargaje on Feb 19, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2020 by YIhan CHENG

I am working on NXP S32G274 Part for my customer and need your support for setting up external memory for Boot.


objective :

- need to use external flash(Serial NOR - MX25UW51245G)  for application code and execution.

- after power reset it shall boot from Flash area. (in this case Serial NOR)

- Hardware : I am using S32G evaluation board.


Support needed to understand :


  1. What could be the Linker file changes that are required?

we tried below configuration in linker file as below  : 

  • m_Code_qspi   (rx)       : ORIGIN = 0x00000000, LENGTH = 2688K  (Can it be start after IVT image end adress?)
  • m_ram               (rw)      : ORIGIN = 0x34000000, LENGTH = 2688K


                m_Code_qspi (stores : .interrupts, .text, )

                m_ram             (store  : .init_table, .zero_table, .code_ram, .data, .bss )

Please correct/confirm


2. I have configured RCON selection switches on eval board to boot from QSPI 

           SWT14 -> 1 ON, SWT14 -> 2 OFF

           SWT15 -> 1 OFF SWT15- > 2 OFF

3. I have configured BMODE (0 to 31 parallel bits) selection switches on eval board     

                ref : AN12422 :S32G Boot Process (attached excel ) BOOT_CFG1[31:0] - ADDR 0x234

4. how to configure IVT tool in S32DS? If I am not using S32DS then how to generate IVT image ?

5. how to flash IVT Image file + Application code file together ( Can it be flashed together ?)

6. I am using S32ft.exe (flash tool by NXP) to load algorithm for "MX25UW51245G" (serial NOR). Why it is required?

7. Can we use S32DS(Design Studio) to flash [IVT image + Application Code] through configuration_tool option under project properties.

8. I am using Lauterbach debugger supported .cmm file that we use to load the program.