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SDK K02, Spi Delay After transfer (Tdt)

Question asked by arnogir on Feb 19, 2020
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I'm using a k02FN64VLH10.


I want use the SPI to transfer 4 bytes to a analog converter. The ChipSelect signal must not be unasserted between theses 4 bytes.


Then in McuXpresso SDK configuration for the Spi peripheral, I configured like this:


Then the DSPI_MasterSetDelayTimes is called from DSPI_MasterInit with following parameters:

Base : SPI0


whichDelay = kDSPI_BetweenTransfer

srcClock_Hz = 49999360

delayTimeInNanoSec = 250.


Then At the end of this function, the function DSPI_MasterSetDelayScaler is called with:

prescaler = 3 (= Div/7)

scaler = 0 !!...


Then I called the functin to start transfer like this:

 MasterXfer.txData      = Buffer;
  MasterXfer.rxData      = Buffer;
  MasterXfer.dataSize    = NumberRegsisterToRead + 2;
  MasterXfer.configFlags = kDSPI_MasterCtar0 | DV_ADS1248_SPI_PCS | kDSPI_MasterPcsContinuous;  
  DSPI_MasterTransferBlocking(DV_ADS1248_SPI_CHANNEL, &MasterXfer);


But on the scope, I get 8 clock pulse, then the following 8 start immediately, there is a very small time (80ns) instead of the configured value (=250ns = 1 clock pulse)...


To resolve the problem, I must change the ConfigFlag by remove the kDSPI_MasterPcsContinuous. By this, I have good clock, but the Chip select signal is deaserted between each byte.


Then I rout the Chip Select pin to a normal GPIO I forced to 0. But I get a warning into the SDK because PCS0 is not routed...


How have a continous ChipSelect with a correct Tdt? I try to change DT to the max (16) and PDT to 3 to have the maximum time without success...