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iMX8MQ HDMI failing in FCC Class B

Question asked by Ritesh Patel on Feb 19, 2020
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We have used iMX8MQ processor on our custom board design. Currently going through a compliance testing. 

HDMI is giving a hard time to qualify the EMC certifications. Find attached image showing the results of radiated emission scan of our custom board with 1080p HDMI display.


Design summary:

- We followed all guidelines provided in Hardware design guide for iMX8M.

- The intra & inter pair for HDMI traces are 5 mil & 20 mils. 

- Impedance controlled to 100 ohm differential for all HDMI signals

- Routed in internal layer with continuous ground plane reference

- Added ground via close to differential signal vias

- Used EMI filter near to HDMI connector


We explored & came across few parameters which can help to get reduce the radiated emissions above, those are:

Slew rate, Voltage Swing, Drive strength and terminations. 

Want to know where we can tune above parameters using register settings in iMX8M.


Any help here would be greatly appreciated.