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Stacking FRDM K64F and OM5578 and SE050ARD arduino shields

Question asked by Douglas Tan on Feb 19, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2020 by Douglas Tan

I'm a newcomer to embedded electronics and have read some introductions about SPI/I2C/UART on sparkfun.


I'll like to know whether the OM5578 (PN7150) and SE050ARD Arduino shields can be stacked together on a Freedom K64F devboard. 


I tried looking at the schematics in AN12395 and UM10935 and it looks like I2C is used by both the OM5578 and SE050ARD via the Arduino header to the K64F. I2C is supposed to manage multiple slaves (OM5578 / SE050ARD) connected to the master (K64F) so would there be any bus contention issues here? Also would it be safe (i.e avoid damaging the devboards) to stack the 3 boards together?


I found  Using i.MXRT1050 with SE050 and CLRC663plus for Secure Access to industrial IOT which does something similar. Would this be applicable to my scenario here?