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How to send TPM1.2 commands from FS32K118 controller to the SLB9670VQ1.2

Question asked by shaik Nisar Ahmed on Feb 18, 2020

Hi all,

  • I have a FS32K118controller and SLB9670VQ1.2 TPM chip. I have gone through the TPM Main Specification [Part 1-to-3], TPM Integration Specification documents provided by the TCG group
    to learn about the TPM standards, and to fire TPM commands to the SLB9670 chip via SPI, but the documents have not been of much help to provide the information on the integration.
    There isn't much help on the internet on this subject too.
  • Has anyone used this chip before, if so how did you frame the TPM commands to send it to the SLB9670VQ1.2 chip via SPI? Are there any good resources on this subject. I have even gone through the
    WOLF-TPM2 library too, and even that library hasn't been of much use too.
  • Can someone help me on understanding at-least one TPM command. I just want to understand on how to interpret the TPM commands provided in the TPM Main Specification Part-3
    document, i.e the function arguments mentioned, and how to frame the command value to be sent to the TPM chip via SPI? Please do the need. Thank you all.