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ADC/GPIO/Clock Startup Stumper

Question asked by cody hubman on Feb 17, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2020 by Kerry Zhou

Came across an interesting issue and currently not satisfied with the "fix" performed. Some background, during testing of the MKEAZ128 chip a custom control board an issue was found that seemed to be an issue with the thermistor placed on A6 (which I recognize is defaulted to ADC). Once the Thermistor reached ~90 F the processor started to get hung up and wouldn't connect to the controller. Soon we found out the processor would work with no issues at those temperatures if it was on before turning it up that high. After further investigation SystemInit() was getting hung up at the following spot.


What is in red is where the code would get hung up. However, When adding the code in blue (pin A0) everything would work fine and the proper clock would be selected. Any hints on why this is a problem? For now we are continuing testing and this weird code works. (The A0 pin is tied to a 10k resistor and goes out to a header.) However I still am not satisfied with not understanding this. Any hints, suggestions, or reasoning would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!