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FatFs with nor flash memory MIMXRT1062

Question asked by T. Y. on Feb 17, 2020
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On my custom board has QSPi flash for which I have to read / write via FatFS file system.

So, I'm trying to combine fsl_flexspi_nor_flash.c with FatFS diskio.c with reference to sdcard_fatfs of "SDK_2.7.0_EVK-MIMXRT1060".

However, I realized that f_mkdir failed, and that these were not enough to update certain pages.

Are there any SDKs or documentation available to help you update a specific page in a sector of Nor Flash memory?

Or tell me if there is another good way.


DRESULT nor_disk_write(uint8_t physicalDriveconst uint8_t *bufferuint32_t sectoruint8_t count)
    uint8_t writeCount;
    assert(count == 1U);

    if (physicalDrive != NORDISK)
        return RES_PARERR;

    /* Write according to fatfs sector size */
    for(writeCount = 0; writeCount < FF_MAX_SS / nor_Handle.bytesInPageSize; writeCount++)
        if (Nor_Flash_Page_Program(&nor_Handle, (sector * FF_MAX_SS) + ( nor_Handle.bytesInPageSize * writeCount ), buffer + (nor_Handle.bytesInPageSize * writeCount)) < 0)
            return RES_ERROR;
    return RES_OK;


Hardware Details
Board ;EVK-MIMXRT1060
Device :MIMXRT1062
SDK Details
SDK Version :2.7.0 (released 2019-12-19)
Host OS :Windows
Toolchain :IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM
Middleware  :FatFS, sdmmc stack