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M4 of i.mx8Q controls ADMA-I2C0 to communicate with TI-DS90UB947 failed

Question asked by lin li on Feb 16, 2020
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1.My program uses M4 of i.mx8Q to control ADMA-I2C0 to communicate with TI-DS90UB947,M4 use uuu downloader,SDK_2.5.2_MIMX8QX6xxxFZ\boards\mekmimx8qx\driver_examples\lpi2c\polling_b2b_transfer is used for reference program.



M4 controls ADMA-I2C0 communication failed with TI-DS90UB947,the read and write of ADMA-I2C0 is failed,I cannot find the reason?


3.On the same board, my colleague successfully communicated with TI-DS90UB947 using A35 of imx8!


4.Program path:

\boards\mekmimx8qx\driver_examples\lpi2c_myadd,the program can be compile successfully.


5.I need help about why the program stopped,thank you very much!