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What is a LPSPI framesize of 33 bits (or similar)?

Question asked by Stefan Mitterhauser on Feb 17, 2020
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in RT1020 Reference Manual Table 42-3 LPSPI Command Word in Master Mode (continued) is the following entry for FRAMESZ:

Does the above mean if I my frame size is more than one FIFO entry the last FIFO entry should include at least 2 bits of the frame size?


e.g. 32 bits are okay ( = 1 FIFO entry)

       33 bits are not okay (= 2 FIFO entries, the second one would only include 1 bit)

       64 bits are okay (= 2 FIFO entries)

       65 bits are not okay because it would be 2 FIFO entries with 32 bit each and one FIFO entry with 1 bit


Therefore similar frame sizes to 33 bits would be 65 bits, 97 bits, 129 bits, ... Is this correct?


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