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Issue in flasing image using mfgtool

Question asked by Abhishek singh on Feb 14, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2020 by karan gajjar

Hi Team 

We made one customized board based on imx6 solo, when we are trying to flash pre-built yacto image available online (Nxp website ) very first time in bare board  through mfgtool it is  getting stuck after loading uboot and kernel with message " flashing os image "

Please help to understand  following 


1) Does DDR stress  toll should be  run before mfgtool or after flashing image ?

2 ) Does  mfgtool will store images in RAM of  processor or eMMC/SD 


3) Which clock source will be used for this  process, external crystal / internal?

4)How i should proceed for  debugging if problem exist  in DDR3 or eMMC?

basically i don't have proper  understanding of complete flow of process?