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Unable to monitor the variables

Question asked by haifeng lu on Feb 15, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2020 by haifeng lu

Hello, guys!

I just got the S32K148EVB-Q176 board.

I have successfully programmed the test program, but I cannot monitor the variables.

I tried many ways:Follow this post to open PEmicro's Real Time Expressions:How do I enable Live View for variables when debugging?

I also update the PEMicro software in the S32DS. See below:


Still cannot find any variables, Neither in the "varibles" window nor in the "real time expressions" window. see below:


The example I use is “hello_world_s32k148”.

I add a variable in the main.  You can find the program in the attachment



My environment is:

S32 Design Studio for ARM Version: 2.2

debug with OpenSDA


Please give me some advices.