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Where are u-boot.imx environment variables installed after saveenv?

Question asked by jupiter hce on Feb 16, 2020
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I have MTD partitions: mtdparts "gpmi-nand:1m(boot),1m(ubootenv),-(storage)"


If I connected NXP USB HID class device to run uuu SDP: boot -f u-boot.imx -nojump, I can see all the environment settings from the u-boot-ram.imx, then I run saveenv, after I disconnected USB HID, the device was in NAND boot, I stopped it in u-boot, all environment values were lost, the saveenv did not save the environment to NAND.

How to write  u-boot.imxI to partitions 1m(boot),1m(ubootenv)? Using nand write.trimffs <u-boot.imx> boot?


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