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S32K DEV board recovery tool

Question asked by 会生 黄 on Feb 13, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2020 by 会生 黄

Hi, I encounter one issue about debugging on the development board of S32k144.

The phenomenon is very like the one which posted on below link:

Bricking and Recovering FRDM-KL25Z Boards: Reset, SWD Clock and Low Power | MCU on Eclipse 

The possible reason is, i configured the PINS wrongly for the the JTAG pins.


Now, from the experience of others, i need use the tool to recover. But i am not able to download the file from pemicro website.


Could you someone suggest some other method to recovery the board or provide me for the recovery tool? Thansk.


The  error information is as below.