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how can I prevent corruption in sd card writes, MPC5748G

Question asked by Liam Battershell on Feb 13, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2020 by Nicu Dobrostomat

Hi All,


Ive been working on writing to a text file on an SD card using an MPC5748G with processor expert generated code(SDHC,FATFS) this works ok but i am trying to increase the write speed. I have found that the speed of the transfers is proportional to the amount of data I write to the SD card however I can only go up to around 1050 characters in a call to f_write or I end up with corruption of the file by which I mean I see null characters (\0) written to the text file.


can anyone help me to either improve the write speeds with transfers < 1000Bytes?  or could someone help me to increase the amount of data I can transfer at a time without it getting corrupted?


Ive added my data from the transfers from 1 to 1100 characters to the sd card done 20 times each

Many thanks