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KV46 NanoEdge clock

Question asked by Julien Beaurepaire on Feb 13, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2020 by Julien Beaurepaire


I want to use the NanoEdge module to generate PWM on MKV46F256VLH16 device with 16MHz crystal.

The clock configuration is ambiguous.

In the reference manual, I have found in the clock chapter:

" The fast peripheral bus clock provides the NanoEdge clock, and MCGPLLCLK provides the "2x Fast peripheral bus clock". Each of these clocks must be an integer divide or multiple of the System clock. The NanoEdge module is expected to be programmed to use clock inputs of 84/168 MHz or 100/200 MHz to support sub-nanosecond resolution control of the flexPWM."


But from the PWMA_SMnFRCTRL description :

"The fractional delay logic can only be used when

the IPBus clock is running at 100 MHz."


The example here ( use 100MHz/200MHz.

If I try to configure the nanoedge 2x clock the same way with the clocks tool of MCUXpresso, it generate an error : "Output frequency must be in range : 164MHz-168Mhz"


- Can I use this configuration ?

168MHz Core clock

84MHz Fast peripheral clock

168MHz Nanoedge 2x clock


- To use 100MHz/200MHz, is it possible with the clocks tool of MCUXpresso ?


Thanks in advance,