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(IMX6ulevk) Murata 1DX  Module problem with broadcast and Interrupt from module

Question asked by bb bbb on Feb 13, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2020 by gusarambula

Good Morning,


1. Connected murata 1DX module to IMX 6UltraLite EVK  using :  Murata uSD-M.2. Adapter + Embedded Artists M.2 Module.

2. Used Linux kernel supported by murata GitHub - murata-wireless/meta-murata-wireless  (branch imx-sumo-manda)

3. Connected to our AP without any problem and obtained IP address.



Problems started while receiving broadcast packets. We noticed that the 1DX module does not receive the vast majority of broadcast packages (about 60%). We can see on the oscilloscope that the 1DX module itself does not report OOB interrupts from incoming broadast packets. We did another test which showed that if we run the ping program in the background with a time of e.g. 100 milliseconds, the situation is better.

How can we solve this problem?