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i.MX6ULL GPMI setup/hold time

Question asked by Toshishisa Sugiyama on Feb 13, 2020
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I  read the data sheet of i.MX6ULL Table 42. Asynchronous Mode Timing Parameters.

It shows data setup/hold time at EDO mode. 

When EDO mode, NF16=tDSR=18.28nS and NF17=tDHR=11.83nS fixed value. the condition is 

While in the Reference manual, there is a description, "If the GPMICLK period is greater than 6ns (and not greater than
12ns), set the GPMI_CTRL1[HALF_PERIOD]=1; This will cause the DLL reference
period (RP) to be one-half of the GPMICLK period." in NAND Asynchronous EDO Mode Timing.

According to this, GPMICLK is between 166MHz to  83MHz, it should be set GPMI_CTRL1[HALF_PERIOD]=1.

However, data sheet describe  like above, when GPMICLK is 100MHz , it is GPMI_CTRL1[HALF_PERIOD]=0.


at EDO mode

Question are:

1. Is it OK to set GPMI_CTRL1[HALF_PERIOD]=0 at 100MHz?

2. When set GPMI_CTRL1[HALF_PERIOD]=1, can we still use the data setup time and hold time constant value in data sheet NF16 and NF17?


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